Adult Erotic Fiction

A Three-Chapter Preview of the MegaPecs Original Series "Prime"

(AKA 50 Shades of Masculinity meets Fantasy Island)

Written for Club MegaPecs by Neil

Copyright © Club MegaPecs 2020-22

Note: Photographs and images used throughout  this story represent only a fictional likeness

 of the characters and places within this story. All images shown have been sourced from the public domain.

The MegaPecs Prime Project


Chapter One


For the Pacific island known as MegaPecs Prime this present period was fast becoming the best of times. However, for 28 year old Nathan this could soon become the very worst of times.

Because very shortly he was to be transported and used as ‘bait’ to catch one of the world’s worst criminals – a 21st Century slave trader known as ‘Mr Big’, so-named because of his size and his appetites, both of which were enormous. A man who was truly "fifty shades of fucked-up!".

The agency had given us little information about the current status of their plan, except to say that eventually, Nathan would be returned to us ”more or less intact, all being well”.

More or less intact!?

A chill went up my spine at the thought of what might happen to this superbly muscled young man and I began to question my own judgment in offering his services to their Black Ops department.

Then again, Nathan was the first of our people to volunteer for this covert assignment when it was offered and knew all of the risks he might face. However the idea of being instrumental in the capture of an infamous slave trading criminal excited him enormously - and not only because of the million-dollar bounty he would receive if he could pull it off.

At a deeper level, the idea of using his good looks and muscular body to seduce such a well-known international villain said much about his self-image and his obsessive need to be sexually desired by other males.

A knock at the door and Danny opened it and nodded. Nathan had been prepared and would be handed over to the Black Ops people within the hour.

“How is he?” I asked my personal assistant.

“His body looks amazing!” Danny replied. “The treatments have created an extraordinary change in Nathan. Just what the doctor ordered, in a manner of speaking.”

Danny’s manner of speaking was precise, as always, and from the beginning I loved his great passion for our project. To say that he was a highly intelligent young Asian male might make him sound like a stereotypical Asian character in some Hollywood movie.

But digging deeper into the personality of this good looking charmer we were later to find traits that his very conservative Singaporean parents might find disturbing.

But for now he had assumed his usual guise of being a friendly and efficient member of my staff. Leading me down to the doctor’s office and Nathan’s destiny.

Nathan himself was alone and waiting for us when we arrived and even with the loose gray t-shirt that he was wearing, his upper body looked way out of proportion to the trim muscularity on the rest of his body.

“Strip to the waist Nathan!” Danny said.

As Nathan obeyed the command a stunned expression overtook my face as I took in the sight of his unbelievable chest. His pecs were now so much larger and heavier now.

His nipples were erect and I joined Danny for a close-up look at the half naked form in front of us. We both ran our hands over the silky smooth hairless skin of his torso and examined the hard ridges of his abdominal muscles with our fingers.

“Biceps flex!” commanded Danny and Nathan did as he was told so that we could further paw at his body. The smooth, warm roundness of these muscles was beautiful to feel and Danny couldn’t resist a lick of Nathan’s flesh.

I wet my finger and rubbed it under his armpit and tasted the salty result. It is such a pity that one can’t taste pheromones because his natural level had been dialed up significantly and DNA matched to that of Mr Big and his kin.

“They won’t even have to look at him to get hard,” said Danny. “Just a slight whiff of his body scent and they will be hooked!” he added. The he pointed down to the bulge in Nathan’s white shorts.

“You really do enjoy being displayed like a dumb piece of meat, don’t you?” he said.

Nathan just shrugged slightly and ignored the comment because he knew that we knew he was anything but dumb. However it was a role he enjoyed immensely. There were other roles too, that were far less manly that he liked to often play too.

Nathan was now both a sight of upper body overdevelopment and a sight to make many men and boys drool with lust.

“His body isn’t used to carrying all that extra chest weight, yet.” observed my assistant as he grabbed a handful of the muscled breast nearest him. Then with practiced dexterity he curved his pinky finger around and sunk the solitary long fingernail deep into Nathan’s bare chest flesh.

It was a simple act of cruelty that Danny enjoyed. And by the glazed expression in Nathan’s eyes, it was an act to which he was willing to submit.

The sight of his massively overdeveloped chest muscles did make me hot and ready to further explore the erotic possibilities they offered.

However, these particular chest muscles had been enhanced by our doctors and gym staff to meet the requirements of a certain Mr. Big, and the sound of the private jet landing at our air strip told me it was time to deliver these voluptuous goods to the aircraft.

Down at the air strip we reluctantly said our goodbyes and waved the young man off. At least Nathan seemed resigned to his fate, I thought.

As I watched the jet take off and climb towards its destination, I wondered just how cruel Mr. Big might be to Nathan, once he got his hands on his incredible body.

Another chill crept up my spine as I drove back to my office.

 I took my laptop out to the private pool deck which fronted the place I called my office. I also called it my island home; and why not, with its crystal clear infinity pool in the foreground and the white tipped waves of the Pacific Ocean beyond.

Put simply, I was living and working in paradise.

Specifically in that area of the world known as the South Pacific, a place of musical movie legend. However, rather than World War II sailors singing “There is nothing like a dame..” as a bunch of nurses jog along the sand, we had our own Logan, running along ours.

And Logan knew for sure that there was something much, much better than a dame – a hot bodybuilder with a huge chest. And with that thought he met no argument with the other male inhabitants on this particular Pacific paradise.

However Logan did have his very own connection to the movies. His parents were so taken with the sci-fi story of “Logan’s Run” that they named their boy baby after him. For Logan was an heroic young man whose fortitude and bravery they hoped their own offspring would one day emulate.

Those who know the movie know that “Logan’s Run” depicts a future society where the population and the consumption of resources are maintained in equilibrium by killing off almost everyone who reaches the age of thirty. The story follows the actions of Logan 5, a ‘Sandman’, whose job it is to terminate those who try to escape state-sanctioned death by running away. The Sandman puts them to sleep, permanently.

However faced with termination himself... enough to say that Logan's perspective of his role in society changes and running becomes a matter of life and death for the young villain turned hero.

However in this his day-off, our own Logan was running for his life in a more constructive way – to increase the ever-growing musculature of his powerful legs. And to avoid the pain of having to say goodbye to the man he loved – Nathan.

I looked up from my laptop to see our young Logan on his return run along the long sandy northern beach of our island. As he reached the southern end of the pool he scaled the steps effortlessly, strode up onto my pool deck and sat down.

“Do you want to bring anything over before we eat?” I asked.

“No, thanks, I’d just like to take a nap if you don’t mind.”

It had a become a habit, a custom on the island when a partner was away, they were welcomed to stay at a friend’s apartment. There was no problem with food supply or utilities because everything was paid for out of the Island’s generous budget.

So Logan had asked if he could stay with me at my place, which delighted me because at 19, Logan was the ‘kid’ around the place. Street smart, creatively wise beyond his years but with little formal education, so I had another boy to mentor. Just as I had done with Nathan.

And for me mentoring was one of the most rewarding of roles to play on the island called MegaPecs Prime. But with that reward came the burden of concern. Concern for the welfare of the island's younger inhabitants, especially those on assignments far from the safety of their island home.


Chapter Two

Seth and JJ

As Nathan was to learn on his long flight north, it was not the man known as 'Big' but his offspring named Seth that was to be his first assignment. So as Nathan walked across the Californian college campus he mentally revisited what he had learned about the teen who was to be the ticket to his quarry.

“Even without the pheromone enhancement, you shouldn’t have much trouble seducing the kid because he seems to be as hot for guys built like you as his father is,” said agent Harry.

“But that is about where their similarities end,” he added. “Young Seth is about as innocent as his father is corrupt and has been kept well away from his father’s business dealings and educated abroad for most of his life. In this way, Latino crime family dads seem to emulate their Mafia brothers in their child-rearing habits.

“So Big has tried to keep Seth as far away from the dark side of the family activities as possible. But sensing how different he is from most of the other students because of the rumors about his father, Seth has pretty-much kept himself to himself and lived off campus.

“Except for a fellow student - he shares his home with a housemate, JJ, a young black kid who is a bit more muscled than Seth. However we doubt he would ever try anything with JJ. We are pretty sure Seth is a virgin.”

All Nathan had to do now was ‘accidentally’ run into this cute unsullied Latino and his buddy on campus and ask for directions. Then follow the script he had been given… which should lead him to the Big man himself.

Dressed in casual attire with a button up shirt, Nathan did his best to escape the attention of students other than his quarry. But with an upper body like his, this was difficult, to say the least.

Right then destiny did him a huge, time-saving favor when he did literally bump into the young guys he wanted to meet as he was rounding a corner.

“Sorry… I don’t know my way around here,” Nathan apologized as he stooped to pick up Seth’s books for the young student. And as he stood, Seth received a full blast of Nathan’s natural scent - and that instantly locked himself and the boy together as their pheromone-flooded minds synched.

As a result, Seth was beside himself with lust and had trouble thinking as his eyes locked onto the huge bulge of Nathan's chest muscles covered by his cotton shirt.

But what surprised Nathan most, perhaps, was the look on JJ’s face as his were locked onto the same chest bulge.

“Fuck man!” was all JJ could say, drooling. Perhaps Seth had shared some of his pheromones with his friend, Nathan mused.

Embracing the fortune of the moment, Nathan rattled off his prepared script about being a personal trainer, new to the area and the country, looking for work at the uni…

“We need someone at our place - our gardener and maintenance guy just left!” Seth quickly responded before Nathan could finish.

“Yeah…. Yeah,” JJ added enthusiastically.

Of course destiny played no part in this particular event. The previous handyman had simply been wooed away from his job by one of the agency people who had made him an offer he just couldn’t refuse.

The play now was to get Seth to email his father about their new handyman/trainer, send a photo of him, Seth’s old man would drool and send for them - and Nathan would finally be in the belly of the beast. As required.

Once there at this secret location, Nathan was to break the chip implanted into the fleshy part of his hand and a signal would be sent to a satellite for the agency to come and round up Mr Big and his gang at the GPS transmitted location. Easy peasy!

Well, that was the plan, anyway.

However this plan failed to take into account what Nathan’s own reactions might be to Seth - or to JJ - two hot young college guys, both currently in the the throes of a powerful muscle lust - a lust entirely focused on Nathan's chest development.

JJ forced himself to look away from the chest in front of him up and at the face of the muscular Adonis they both secretly wanted to molest.

"Come back to our pad and we'll show you around, eh?" and Seth nodded at JJ's suggestion. 

The 'pad' as Nathan was surprised to see, turned out to be a two and a half-storey beach house that was owned by JJ's father, an architect and old classmate of Seth's male parent. So with rich dads, these boys obviously wanted for nothing as far as their day to day needs were concerned, yet neither of them seemed to be spoiled.

Both were studying architecture so the living environment suited them nicely.

During the grand tour of this students' dream home, Nathan noted that both boys had their own rooms on the first floor and above those was a sizeable space fitted out as a guest room and gym - complete with treadmill, bench and weights. A large fold out double bed was now in its lounge mode with colorful cushions scattered all over it.

Nathan walked out onto the balcony and looked at the sand below and the sea beyond.

"Not a lot of lawn mowing involved I see," he quipped and both boys actually laughed for the first time in front of their new employee. Then Nathan sat on the lounge as Seth brought fruit juice for three.

"How would your fathers feel about me staying here with you, do you think?"

Seth answered quickly: "We would just tell them that you are our personal trainer and will also be able to act as live-in security for us as our handyman used to be. They'll be cool with that, for sure!" JJ nodded.

Nathan settled back on the couch, "Now let's talk about the elephant in the room," he began. "Or rather the bodybuilder in the room."

JJ and Seth sat and shared the bench sitting in front of their new personal trainer, staring at his face intently.

"Most of the young guys your age that I know really get off on muscle and bodybuilders, and the way you guys check me out tells me that you probably feel the same." Nathan stated.

Neither JJ nor Seth said a word, nor moved a muscle as Nathan continued:

"For me, being checked-out by two of the hottest young guys I have seen in the States so far makes me hornier than I have been in a long, long time.

"That sort of attention makes my pecs ache and my nipples burn... seriously! And any bodybuilder who doesn't react that way doesn't really understand what his body is all about!"

"Soooo would you guys be prepared to help me get over this frustration and at least give me a long, slow chest massage, before I blow my load!?"

Seth and JJ remained speechless as they both pressed down hard on their respective erections, trying in vain to hide their extreme interest in the huge-chested muscle stud before them.

"OK, as I am the trainer here, let me suggest as a starter you both sit on either side of me and we can get the show on the road. By the way, this is what I call 'chest sex' - 100% safe, condom-free, upper body pleasure that the Internet porn distributors seem to know nothing about."

"Lesson one..." he said as he unbuttoned his shirt and removed it entirely.

"Each of you feel the weight of my pecs..." the boys both moaned aloud as they stared at the huge chest muscles in front of them.

Nathan grabbed each boy's hands and directed them where to go. Finally, using two hands, they each held one of Nathan's massive muscular man-breasts in their hands. The weight of flesh and muscle was amazing as each chest muscle twitched at their touch.

Without any further need for instruction, JJ and Seth began to grope, prod and squeeze the relaxed flesh they so desired. Nathan's head immediately went back as his upper body became electrified by the unbridled lust his young housemates had just unleashed.

"Oh fuck!" their muscle god cried out. "You guys are... yeah... yeah...!"

His head came down and his eyes watched the young fingers and hands of the two young males, consumed by lust, now apparently trying to tear his chest muscles from his body.

The unexpected pain he felt aroused Nathan and he uttered two words that surprised the lads: "Hurt me!" he said.

They were fuelled by so much lust that the teens grabbed, groped and struggled out of their clothes at the same time, while still trying to torture their new friend's oversized chest muscles.

Now they were naked, they could continue their erotic ministrations unimpeded. Their faces were flushed and upper lips were sweaty. Lower down, Nathan noticed that precum was oozing out of their reddened penises.

"If you two don't cum soon, you'll likely explode," he said. "So lay on your backs, your heads on my thighs!"

Seth and JJ did as commanded and they found they were immediately looking up at more muscular chest flesh than they had ever seen above them.

Nathan then lifted each teen's head and brushed his erect nipples across the teens lips. JJ and Seth automatically opened their young mouths, ready to engulf the swollen nipples and breast-flesh offered.

"Suck... don't bite, don't lick, don't tease... suck flesh and nipple into your mouths and then suck strong pulsed sucks!" Nathan instructed - just in case they had forgotten what Mother Nature had whispered to them the very first time they saw a nipple.

And so began began one of the most passionate and emotional afternoons of their three young adult lives. The actual sensation experienced by the owner of fully aroused and serviced nipples in a situation like this is impossible to accurately describe in words. But certainly a mouth on one's penis is a hard-edged one dimensional pleasure experience compared with this erotically deep upper body activity.

The reason for this is that fully activated nipples are not only wired to the genital area in the groin, they are also wired directly to their very own separate pleasure centre in the brain. So a pleasure of dual-toned intensity awaits those who indulge in this kind of hot sex play.

It is enough to say that Nathan was so intensely aroused by the lips of these beautiful young males that he could almost feel the prolactin levels in his muscular breasts hit their highest concentration ever. And so the nurturing-lust pleasure response he was experiencing via the boys hungry sucking was quite astounding.

So for each of the three, time slowed then stopped. Their conscious thought processes fogged and blurred along with their eyesight as this primal sensory encounter brought them as close to ecstasy as they would ever be likely to come.

However time did actually pass and eventually their loud chorus of moans told the world, and their neighbors, that they were fast reaching that point where waves of passion and lust would soon explode into a white and sticky, wonderful mess.

Though they were exhausted and covered in sweat from their passionate activities, the boys continued without hesitation to nurse on their new best friend's swollen nipples. Then as he sensed it was the right moment, he reached across for each young stud's erect and drooling penis and rubbed it...  just a couple of times... that was all it took!


Chapter Three

The Pleasure of Pain

It was the sound of waves crashing onto the sandy beach outside that woke Nathan the next day and the smell of salty air reminded him of his new home on that island in the South Pacific. And Logan and how much he would love to introduce him to Seth and JJ...

But today he was far away and after a shower he went downstairs and looked in on JJ. He was still asleep, laying face down and naked, his beautiful, dark brown lightly muscled young body, lean and relaxed. But before any impure thoughts could overtake him, he sensed that Seth was standing nearby, watching him.

"He looks hot, doesn't he?" the Latino nineteen year old asked his big-chested friend.

Nodding Nathan asked the obvious question: "Do you always sleep in separate beds? Don't you ever...?"

Seth shook his head.

"Why not?"

"I guess we thought it might make things weird or complicated between us if we got it on that way."

"And now, after last night?"

Seth just raised his eyebrows and smiled as he shrugged his shoulders as he saw JJ resume consciousness and sit up.

"Nice butt!" Nathan said to the other nineteen year old in the room.

JJ grinned, "Not the first time I've heard that... I was expecting breakfast in bed after my stellar service to the cause last night...!"

Seth threw a spare pillow at his housemate and muttered, "Egomaniac!" as he headed for the staircase that led to the kitchen and lounge area below.


"I'm really surprised that you two have never got it on together," Nathan stated as he munched through his muesli breakfast. "Never even given each other a hand job? It's much hotter than just jacking off by yourself, you know!"

The boys had no answer for these particular sins of omission so Nathan suggested a solution. "How about I act as matchmaker and teach you a few simple ways to enjoy yourself... together, without threatening your friendship... which is what you were really scared of most, wasn't it?"

A duet of shrugs and Seth asked about something that had intrigued him all morning.

"You said something last night about 'hurting you', did you mean it?"

It was Nathan's turn to pause as he saw JJ's eyes light up at his buddy's question.

"Oh yes, the thought of me being captive while you two tit-tortured me kept me hard all night!" he said with a quiet, raspy voice.

As that bombshell of information reached the teenagers' ears, it travelled straight to their brains and then directly to their groins which began to ache just as they had the night before.

All they could do from the waist up was to stare at the huge bulge of t-shirt encased chest across the table from them and mutter mindless sexual obscenities under their breath - as they began to feel drool oozing once more from their inflamed cocks.

"Got any rope and pliers in the house?" Nathan asked, deliberately adding fuel to their sexual fires.

JJ lifted his finger indicating he was in the throes of an idea. He looked at Seth and they both said one word together: "Alex!"

JJ explained: "Alex is a guy we know, our age, a first year med student often comes around here on a weekend. Always brings one of the old sword and sandal muscle movies for us to watch...."

Seth chimed in: "He also watches a lot of S&M porn on the web too and says that as a med student he knows just how to make any muscle man 'submit'! It might be all bullshit but I'd like to see the look on his face when we tell him we have a bodybuilder that needs to be tit tortured!"

"He has got a lot of gear he hasn't used yet.. floggers, handcuffs and shit like that, still in their wrappers... Want me to ring him?" JJ asked.

Nathan was examining the possibilities in his head and a role play scenario had now emerged from his imagination. "Tell him to bring his S&M gear and a white coat if he has one... I don't want to meet him first or talk to him.

"To you guys and Alex I am a dumb bodybuilder who has read a secret document belonging to my older boyfriend. In that document is a secret four number PIN code I remember. My humiliation and torture lasts until I tell you that PIN code, right?

"And the first time Alex sees me I should be handcuffed and gagged... does this place have a basement?"

The two young males nodded. "Pretty much soundproofed too," said Seth with a grin.

A few more details were ironed out, the PIN established and a phone call made to Alex.

Later that night agent Nathan found himself extremely horny at the thought of role-playing his real life role with hot college boys as his tormentors. Life, as painful as it might soon become, was good, he decided.


Alex arrived as arranged that night loaded with his S&M gear, a white coat and an overactive imagination driven by lust. He looked just like any college nerd - lean, with a quiet intensity that revealed nothing about the thoughts that were processed inside his dark, curly-haired head.

"The prisoner is downstairs in the basement doctor," said JJ. "We will take you down," JJ instructed. "If you will bring your medical kit..."

The stage was set, the play was afoot and the roles embraced. Nathan, handcuffed and ball-gagged, was slumped in a chair in his guise of brainless gymnast agent Smith. Smith was alone with his thoughts, until he heard the door to his prison cell open.

Alex couldn't believe his good fortune when he saw the size and muscularity of his 'patient', he simply made a quiet hissing noise.

"Steady on DOCTOR!" JJ said out of earshot of the others.

No words were spoken as the doctor in question set down his bag of tricks and moved over to his seated quarry. He undid three of the top buttons of the prisoner's loose shirt and slipped his hand down onto the hard bulging collection of pectoral muscles that made up Nathan's chest.

"Yes we all know you are a big strong manly man, but relax your chest muscles so doctor can examine you!"

The chest muscles remained defiantly flexed. So the doctor removed his hand from his patient's shirt and slapped Nathan across the face with such force that he almost fell from the chair to which he was tied.

"Do as you are told, you dumb piece of shit! I won't tell you again!"

After a minute or so after everyone had calmed a little from Alex's surprise assault on Nathan's face, the good doctor undid Nathan's shirt, pulled it wide and gently examined the patient's heavy chest muscles which were now soft and supple.

He looked into his captive's eyes, stroked his reddened face and spoke as an adult would speak to a child: "I am sorry if I hurt you. I care about you... you are a truly beautiful boy with the most perfectly muscular breasts I have ever encountered.

"I want you to remember this because the road to submission that you must take can be dark and painful," he said to Nathan.

Alex's soft but strong hands then began to fondle the mighty chest muscles sitting before him in such a gentle and passionate way that Nathan began to moan and squirm from his growing arousal.

The doctor went to his bag and took something small and shiny and slipped it onto a finger. He then stood in front of Nathan blocking JJ and Seth's view of the proceedings. Alex then did something to Nathan that made him scream through his gag.

The young captive's muscular body shook violently as the screaming and the cruelty continued. Nathan shook his head from side to side in an appeal to Alex to stop the torture, but the look in the eyes of his torturer merely reflected the intense pleasure he was experiencing. 

Some time later the pain ceased and Alex withdrew and placed the small metal item back into his bag.

He then took two ear plugs from the same container, put them into his patient's ears and turned to his audience.

"Just so you know, the technique of repeated pain followed by loving comfort sessions is well established. It is extremely effective as a conditioning technique designed to make the victim compliant and bonded to the torturer.

"Love then hate, good cop then bad cop, back and forth again and again. Repeatedly. However if it is all pain and all abuse this bonding process won't work.

Seth and JJ looked at each other but kept silent. Doctor Mengele is in the house, thought Seth. And he has done his homework!

"And this two-way flow from cruelty to affection and back again, again and again produces a powerful emotional bond between both players. A bond that can last for a lifetime, especially for the victim!"

As Alex said this, his teenage trainees saw that he had produced something new from his bag - a leather flogger.

JJ leaned across to Seth and whispered: "We agree that the things that happen at Pain Club, stay at Pain Club?"

Seth nodded and felt less ashamed of his erection when he noticed the front of JJ's jeans.

With little pause or formality, Alex struck Nathan so hard across his relaxed chest muscles that they quivered violently and he threw his head back and cried out through the ball gag in his mouth.

A deep band of redness immediately appeared on his flesh as his cries became sobs. Then the breast whipping began in earnest. Again and again with an undisguised sadistic lust, Alex directed the flogger to its target of naked skin to produce a burning hot pain the like of which Nathan had never experienced in his chest before.

"Please, please no more!" cried through his gag, clearly enough for all to understand. However the lust that had now consumed Alex had infected the minds the other two watching so his pathetic pleas were ignored.

No one in that basement could be sure just how long the agonized flogging across his magnificent chest had continued for. And no one really cared - until Nathan suddenly slumped forward, collapsed and fell into unconsciousness ending his torment.

"I think my work here is done, for now," said Alex with unnecessary drama and formality as he gathered his toys and departed.


Chapter Four

The Road to Submission

As JJ and Seth lay their unconscious housemate down onto his bed, guilt was not the primary emotion occupying their minds. No, they were still in the afterglow of an emotion more related to raw lust than anything else.

And the sight of Nathan's naked muscular body, helpless and vulnerable, with raised reddened bands covering his massive chest muscles did nothing to reduce that lust.

"We never bothered to ask him for that PIN, did we?" said Seth.

Not concerned with past details, both teens groped Nathan's helpless body as if it were their own property to use in any way they wished. For in a very short period of time their attitude towards this newcomer had changed and in their eyes and minds now, he had become diminished.

So much so that JJ and Seth now secretly wanted to rape their new personal trainer - fuck the shit out of him! However they simply held their tongues, and watched as he began to gain consciousnesses.

With effort and some help from his housemates, Nathan sat up, slumped against the bed head, his massive chest muscles relaxed and bulbous.

The ridges of deep red stripes were clear evidence of the pain he had suffered. JJ and Seth each reached for one of his massive chest muscles and sank their young fingers into his vulnerable breast flesh.

Nathan moaned because of the pain this groping caused to his already tortured skin and muscles and so his young tormentors looked more closely into his eyes as they increased the pressure of their grips.

Nathan said nothing because he immediately recognized the sadistic intent of his housemates actions. They were trying to hurt him even more than he had already been hurt.

"You wanted to be hurt you dumb piece of meat, so don't complain when you get exactly what you asked for!" said Seth.

Nathan began to whimper as the cruelty caused by their twisting of his swollen and sensitive nipples continued. Then JJ leaned forward and took Nathan's left nipple and a mound muscle into his mouth but instead of sucking, he bit down hard on it. Quick as a flash Seth covered the muscleman's mouth as he began to buck his body and scream.

"On your hands and knees!" JJ instructed and to everyone's surprise, Nathan obeyed and as he did, JJ ripped his boxers down revealing his tight, muscular butt. Then JJ's right thumb plunged hard and deep into the butt hole facing him. Nathan's head went back as he moaned a moan of painful pleasure and his cock became rigid with arousal.

Seth grinned "The mind and reactions of a slutty cheerleader, this one,"  he said to JJ. "He certainly has the tits for the job - and obviously loves his pussy to be stroked and poked!"

"What a slut!" said JJ with genuine delight as he caressed the reddened breast flesh he had just assaulted with his pearly-white teeth.

Before they could do or say anything else, Seth's cell phone began to vibrate loudly.

"Hello... Daddy!... Yes sure. We have a new personal trainer and.... OK, yes... see you then...  love you!"

Seth looked both puzzled and concerned, "My father wants me to fly home for a few days, and he said I was to 'bring Nathan with me'. Yet I never mentioned Nathan by name to him."

Thousands of miles away in his secret lair, Mr. Big smiled at the look of surprise on his son's face which was revealed on his laptop as he zoomed in from the concealed camera in the ceiling of Nathan's room.


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