Nick's Big Pecs
by acepecs

"His pecs in a relaxed state appeared quite soft looking and I proceeded to grasp his mammoth right pec with my right hand, marvelling at its fullness, bulk and elasticity, burying my fingers into the relaxed flesh..."

Nick's Big Pecs Preview - The most popular Nick story of them all. This is where it all began... the erotic adventures of the huge-chested Nick and the guys who desired and loved him!


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more adventures of Nick...
(Nick 3) Back in his native Greece, Nick gives 'national service' a new meaning.

(Nick 4) Coach Bauer puts Nick through some hot and heavy training.
(Nick 5) The heavy-chested Nick discovers the touch and smell of leather.
(Nick 6) In the locker room, Nick is again the centre of lusty attention. 

(Nick 6a) At The Beach - As the title implies, fun in the sun with Nick on the sand.

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